Flight of Swallows 2020

glass of wine with birds

Our yearly Flight of Swallows fundraiser has been grounded by Covid-19, but with a donation from you we can lessen the impact on our mission and our community. 

As a special thank-you for supporting our "no-event" event, we are planning a virtual wine-tasting with Scott Worcester of Sawyer’s Specialties; Portland-based sommelier Erica Archer; and special guest Cyril Chappellet, owner of noted Napa winery, Chappellet, on August 18. Sponsors will be recognized during the wine tasting: Grand Cru $1000; Premier Cru $750; and Superior $500.

When it became clear this spring that all of our 2020 plans would have to change, we focused on creating online and remote programs that celebrate creativity, nature, and, of course, the art of bird carving.

Robust demand for special video presentations, kits for at-home projects, and online lessons means that we need your help now more than ever.


flight of swallows

To be part of the Wendell Gilley Museum’s ongoing efforts to bring people together with nature and art, please consider making a tax-deductible gift today by mailing a check to the museum at P.O. Box 254, Southwest Harbor, Maine 04679. Or donate online via our secure server using the form below. 

We will be grateful for donations of any size.

Event sponsors will be recognized for their donations during the wine tasting: Grand Cru $1000; Premier Cru $750; and Superior $500. 

Thank you for your support.

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